Galvagni Figures for Trifetts

A trifett is a plane figure formed by joining three equal isosceles right triangles at equal edges or at vertices on the quadrille grid. A Galvagni figure is a figure that can be tiled by a polyform in more than one way—a kind of self-compatibility figure. Galvagni figures first appeared in Erich Friedman's Math Magic for November 2004.

Here are minimal known Galvagni figures for the 90 trifetts. Some polyaboloes have solutions that are technically Galvagni figures but are not polyaboloes. They are formed by joining parallelograms to make voided rhombuses.

2 Tiles

3 Tiles

4 Tiles

6 Tiles

8 Tiles

10 Tiles

12 Tiles

16 Tiles

No Solution

Mirror Variants

Last revised 2020-09-21.

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