Polyform Links

    These roads are all strange—and what a lot of them there are!
—L. Frank Baum, The Road to Oz
Livio Zucca's Remembrance of Software Past
Michael Reid's Polyomino Page
Toshihiro Shirakawa's Box Packing Page. Minimal and prime boxes for polycubes, using as many as 5 dimensions.
Giovanni Resta's Polypolyominoes
Jorge Luis Mireles's Poly2ominoes (at Internet Archive)
KSO Glorieux Ronse's Pentomino site, established by Odette De Meulemeester
Andrew Clarke's The Poly Pages
Kate Jones's Polyform Puzzles, where you can buy polyforms and polyform puzzles.
Kadon Enterprises, the home page for Kate's company's website. Besides merchandise the site includes much information about polyforms.
Mathematische Basteleien (in German)
Miroslav Vicher's Puzzles Pages
Polyforms at Ed Pegg's mathpuzzle.com
Polyominoes and Other Animals at The Geometry Junkyard
Lattice Paths and Polygons at MathWorld
The September 2004 issue of Erich Friedman's Math Magic, on polyform compatibility (at Internet Archive)
The November 2004 issue of Erich Friedman's Math Magic, on Galvagni's Multiple Tiling Problem (at Internet Archive)
Todor Tchervenkov's Polyiamonds, Polyhexes, and Other Polyforms
Gabriele Carelli's Polyforms (in Italian) (at Internet Archive)
Abaroth's Puzzles
My Puzzle Note, by Wen-Shan Kao
Bernd Karl Rennhak's Logelium
Peter's Puzzle and Polyform Pages
Further Questions About Tetrads, by Walter Trump, who first studied geometric tetrads.
Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan's periodical Puzzle Fun
K. Ishino's Puzzle Will Be Played (in Japanese)
Alexandre Owen Muñiz's Math at First Sight and Puzzle Zapper Blog
Jacques Ferroul's Polyforme
Torsten Sillke's Home Page
Bob's Puzzle Pages (Bob Harris)
Jos Hindriks's Heptiamonds
Yukon's Home Page (Koshi Arai)

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