Given one tromino and two pentominoes, can we find a polyomino that each of them can tile? This page was inspired by Livio Zucca's Pento-Tetro-Trominoes.

If you find a smaller solution or solve an unsolved case, please write.

See also Pento-Tetro-Tetrominoes.

The Master At Work

Almost as soon as this page appeared, Livio Zucca was the first to solve 5I-5Z-3L by joining three copies of a solution for 5I-5Z:

Smaller solutions have since been found; see the table below.

Table of Results

5F-5I-3I 5F-5I-3L 5F-5L-3I 5F-5L-3L 5F-5N-3I 5F-5N-3L
5F-5P-3I 5F-5P-3L 5F-5T-3I 5F-5T-3L 5F-5U-3I 5F-5U-3L
5F-5V-3I 5F-5V-3L 5F-5W-3I 5F-5W-3L 5F-5X-3I 5F-5X-3L
5F-5Y-3I 5F-5Y-3L 5F-5Z-3I 5F-5Z-3L 5I-5L-3I 5I-5L-3L
5I-5N-3I 5I-5N-3L 5I-5P-3I 5I-5P-3L 5I-5T-3I 5I-5T-3L
5I-5U-3I 5I-5U-3L 5I-5V-3I 5I-5V-3L 5I-5W-3I 5I-5W-3L
5I-5X-3I 5I-5X-3L 5I-5Y-3I 5I-5Y-3L 5I-5Z-3I 5I-5Z-3L
5L-5N-3I 5L-5N-3L 5L-5P-3I 5L-5P-3L 5L-5T-3I 5L-5T-3L
5L-5U-3I 5L-5U-3L 5L-5V-3I 5L-5V-3L 5L-5W-3I 5L-5W-3L
5L-5X-3I 5L-5X-3L 5L-5Y-3I 5L-5Y-3L 5L-5Z-3I 5L-5Z-3L
5N-5P-3I 5N-5P-3L 5N-5T-3I 5N-5T-3L 5N-5U-3I 5N-5U-3L
5N-5V-3I 5N-5V-3L 5N-5W-3I 5N-5W-3L 5N-5X-3I 5N-5X-3L
5N-5Y-3I 5N-5Y-3L 5N-5Z-3I 5N-5Z-3L 5P-5T-3I 5P-5T-3L
5P-5U-3I 5P-5U-3L 5P-5V-3I 5P-5V-3L 5P-5W-3I 5P-5W-3L
5P-5X-3I 5P-5X-3L 5P-5Y-3I 5P-5Y-3L 5P-5Z-3I 5P-5Z-3L
5T-5U-3I 5T-5U-3L 5T-5V-3I 5T-5V-3L 5T-5W-3I 5T-5W-3L
5T-5X-3I 5T-5X-3L 5T-5Y-3I 5T-5Y-3L 5T-5Z-3I 5T-5Z-3L
5U-5V-3I 5U-5V-3L 5U-5W-3I 5U-5W-3L 5U-5X-3I 5U-5X-3L
5U-5Y-3I 5U-5Y-3L 5U-5Z-3I 5U-5Z-3L 5V-5W-3I 5V-5W-3L
5V-5X-3I 5V-5X-3L 5V-5Y-3I 5V-5Y-3L 5V-5Z-3I 5V-5Z-3L
5W-5X-3I 5W-5X-3L 5W-5Y-3I 5W-5Y-3L 5W-5Z-3I 5W-5Z-3L
5X-5Y-3I 5X-5Y-3L 5X-5Z-3I 5X-5Z-3L 5Y-5Z-3I 5Y-5Z-3L

Last revised 2014-11-29.

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