Galvagni Figures & Reid Figures for Octominoes

A octomino is a figure made of eight squares joined edge to edge. A Galvagni figure is a figure that can be tiled by a polyform in more than one way—a kind of self-compatibility figure. A Reid figure is a Galvagni figure without holes.

Some of these figures were found by Michael Reid of the University of Central Florida.

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Here are minimal known Galvagni figures and Reid figures for octominoes.

Galvagni Figures

2 Tiles

3 Tiles

4 Tiles

6 Tiles

8 Tiles

10 Tiles

12 Tiles

16 Tiles

20 Tiles

28 Tiles

40 Tiles

52 Tiles

64 Tiles

72 Tiles



Hypersymmetric Variants

Reid Figures

Hypersymmetric Variants

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