Plover Figures for Polyiamonds

A Galvagni Figure is a minimal figure that can be tiled with a given polyform shape in two or more ways. A Plover Figure is a Galvagni Figure in which the tiles are not merely congruent but identical; that is, they are not distinct mirror images. For tiles with reflective symmetry, a Plover Figure is the same as a Galvagni Figure.

Corey Plover worked out Plover Figures for polyominoes. You may see the tetrominoes here, the pentominoes here, and the hexominoes here at Erich Friedman's Math Magic. For polyhexes, see Plover Figures for Polyhexes.

The following picture shows some Plover Figures for polyiamonds without mirror symmetry up to order 7. If you can find smaller solutions or solve any of the missing cases, please let me know!

Holeless Variants

Last revised 2012-08-11.

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