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Problem Total points Percent
Primal Sums209
Protein folding176
Word Search142
Sums of powers135
Minimal Sudoku117
Maximal determinant91
The Heilbronn Problem90
Packing spheres into a cube69
Weighted Matrix68
Rubik's cubes64
Crossword Grids61
Error correcting code49
Deterministic pancake flipping42
Miller Rabin42
Packing with consecutive squares40
Orchard planting38
Sum Of Unequal Powers (SOUP)36
Leapers coverings35
Taxicab Numbers32
Non Transitive Dice24
Different determinants21
Heilbronn 3D21
Packing with cubes21
Crossing Number20
Fifteen puzzle19
Unique vectors18
No 3 in line, in d dimensions18
3D Magic Knight Tours16
Packing Equations Into A Square15
Perfect rulers15
Divisor chains13
Tilings with squares as possible12
Halving lines12
Magic AntiMagic Squares11
Minimal generating set size11
Pandigital Magic Squares10
Snake and coil10
Non-crossing leapers tours9
Number of lines8
3*3 determinants8
Trimagic squares7
Weak Schur7
Packing with multiple consecutive cubes6
Graceful graphs5
Coloring the square5
Permanents of matrices4

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