Hexiamond Pair Oddities


A polyiamond oddity is a symmetrical figure formed by an odd number of copies of a polyiamond. Symmetrical figures can also be formed with copies of two different polyiamonds. Here are the smallest known full-symmetry oddities for the 66 pairs of hexiamonds.

See also Pentomino Pair Oddities and Pentahex Pair Oddities.

Johann Schwenke and Carl Schwenke provided many new and improved solutions.

Basic Solutions

6AE 216AF 156AH 156AI 96AL 96AO 19
6AP 196AS 216AU 156AV 156AX 816EF 15
6EH 96EI 176EL 96EO 256EP 236ES 17
6EU 96EV 96EX —6FH 96FI 96FL 9
6FO 76FP •6FS 216FU 76FV 156FX 15
6HI 216HL 96HO 76HP 96HS 96HU 9
6HV 76HX 156IL 96IO 156IP 96IS 21
6IU 156IV 96IX 156LO 76LP 96LS 7
6LU 96LV 96LX 96OP 76OS 76OU 7
6OV 76OX 196PS 96PU 96PV 96PX 9
6SU 96SV 96SX 336UV 76UX 96VX 9

Holeless Solutions

Solutions shown above that are holeless are not shown here.

11 Tiles

15 Tiles

17 Tiles

19 Tiles

21 Tiles

23 Tiles

25 Tiles

27 Tiles

33 Tiles

37 Tiles

55 Tiles

63 Tiles

83 Tiles

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